The 10 Personalities You Meet in A Coworking Space


The 10 Personalities You Meet In A Coworking Space


In coworking spaces there are people you adore, people you admire and people you desperately try to avoid. There also seems to be a certain number of stereotypes that keep recurring in this setting wherever you go.


Here are some of the personalities that you might encounter. Do they match your experiences? Let us know in the comment field!


1. The Nerd

The nerd lives to work, and will hardly pay you or the surroundings any attention. They like routines and sit on the same spot every day, working on a revolutionary piece of software that few but them understand nor care about. In case of a fire they’d rather save their laptop than their life.


2. The Grump  

The grump is that cranky person who never seems to be satisfied with the coworking space, nor with life in general. You’d rather avoid them than risk being sucked into in their vortex of despair. They constantly complain about the coffee being too cold, the milk being too hot or the neighbor making too much noise. You tend to pity them as their worldview seems to doom every venture they embark upon.


3. The Boring Couple

There’s usually a boring couple at the coworking space that won’t greet you in the morning, join you for lunch or come to your birthday party. You have little to no clue about what they work on, but you assume it’s something as dry as they are…


4. The Modern Hippie

The modern hippie starts the workday late with a wheatgrass shot in one hand, and raw food in the other. They spend most of their time trying to save the world, and only occasionally appear at the coworking space to write a piece for their blog or v-log.


5. The Center of Attention

They’re the perfect coworker: Fun to be around, great conversationalists and everyone's friend. They will attend every community event and leave an impression with their ideal behavior. Their cool projects are the envy and admiration of the rest of the coworking space.


6. The Flirt

The flirts are the scourge of coworking spaces. You wonder if they go there to flirt or to work. They look at it like a playground of single adults to be greedily nibbling upon. They’re usually sneaking around the coffee machine, waiting for the next helpless victim to stumble into their vicinity. They spend more time on Tinder than actually doing something useful.


7. The Introvert

The introverts rarely make any noise nor demand attention. They are always polite and willing to help when asked. Usually they are talented developers, but they would never brag about it. They prefer their own company, and they rarely attend community events.


8. The Party Animal

The party animal always wears sunglasses, regardless of the weather, and seldom start their workday before lunch.  They can sometimes be mistaken for being the flirt, but tend to have a higher success rate. The party animal enjoys life to the fullest and amazingly seems to earn money as well. Despite spending all night on the dance floor the party animal is successfully managing some remote business, often in the entertainment industry.  


9. The Night Owl  

Like vampires some people are more productive during nighttime. The night owls are the ghosts of coworking spaces, arriving after sunset and escaping before sunrise. They seldom make their presence felt before they suddenly appear at some community event. You admire their passion and willingness to work the odd-hours of a call center in order to live the digital nomad lifestyle.


10. The Extrovert

You sometimes wonder if the extroverts actually have a job, as they spend most of their time chatting with people around the coworking space. They’re usually great lunch companions, but horrible desk neighbours. Needing peace and quiet to get work done is a foreign concept to these people.


Did any of the personalities describe your coworking colleagues? Let us know in the comment field!


18 Comments on “The 10 Personalities You Meet in A Coworking Space

  1. Great list – its damn true too. Infact I had such a co-working environment, just weird-er when I was living / working in Indonesia last year.

  2. I’ve never been to a coworking space, but I’d probably be a mix of the introvert, nerd, and hippie. 🙂 My husband would definitely be the center of attention. Haha!!

  3. Funny descriptions! 😀 These are new to me since I have never worked in a coworking space. But I can totally relate to having some of them in my office 🙂

  4. I’ve been intrigued by co-working spaces for a while but am in no way ready to launch into finding one just yet 🙁 but this is an interesting insight and kind of like a normal working office! 🙂

  5. Oh how I miss working in an office just to mix with all of these people. I was definitely the introvert however, wanting peace and quiet to get on with my job.

  6. Haha such stereotypes but I have met so many people that fit into all of these categories. Stereotypes do exist for a reason!

  7. Ha ha, very well written and it’s funny how I can picture certain people from my time at KoHub for almost each of the characters 🙂

  8. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who had been doing
    a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me
    dinner simply because I found it for him… lol.

    So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!!

    But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your website.

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